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Welcome to DesertRose, born from a new chapter of life. As a former hairdresser turned parent, I embraced the art of crafting personalised gifts. Our journey began after welcoming a baby in 2014, sparking a passion for creating meaningful mementos. Each handmade piece reflects my transition from scissors to heartfelt craftsmanship. Explore our collection and share in the joy of uniquely tailored gifts for life's special moments.

More than Just a Store

Beyond my curated collection, I'm always here to discuss and brainstorm ideas for your unique gifts. Let's collaborate to transform your vision into a custom-crafted masterpiece. Explore the possibilities and make your moments truly special !

Bring Your Ideas Alive

Create the perfect momento for any occasion personalised from the heart for your family and friends.  just bring me the idea and i will help you bring it to life.  

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